Q1 2024
Technical Development Framework

  • Conceptualization of the Bitcoin Restaking Layer2
  • Formation of the initial project team
  • Development kickoff, architectural design

Q2 2024

  • Begin building partnerships with key stakeholders in the Bitcoin and Layer2 ecosystems
  • Establishment of the project's online presence, including the official website, and engagement channels for community interaction.
  • Launch of a presale campaign to secure initial funding and distribute the project's native tokens to early backers.
  • StakeLayer Early Access for the early adopters

Q3 2024 Alpha Release

  • Launch of an alpha version of the Layer2 solution for internal testing and refinement.
  • Initiation of a comprehensive marketing strategy to raise awareness and attract potential users and investors
  • Opening Up StakeLayer for community testing and feedback.

Q4 2024 Mainnet Launch and Ecosystem Development

  • Official launch of the Bitcoin Restaking Layer2 solution on the mainnet, marking the project's full operational status.
  • Scaling the infrastructure to accommodate a growing number of transactions and participants.
  • Foster a vibrant ecosystem around the Bitcoin Restaking Layer2 project by supporting developers, entrepreneurs, and projects building on or integrating with the platform.